The Session & The Event 2018 schedule

As always, things are subject to change, but here’s our current working schedule for The Session 2018:

The Event
12 Jan 2018

Welcome & Luca Volpe Lecture

Luca Volpe is a working professional who travels the world with his pack small, play big material. This lecture is packed full of professional performance material, and you will learn enough new tricks for years to come!
Luca Volpe

Marco Fida Lecture

Marco Fida will share an exclusive lecture at The Event 2018. Marco has refined and redefined a classic tool making it a truly devastating weapon in his professional arsenal. His unique insight, techniques and routines utilising one of the cornerstones utility props of minimal, contemporary mentalism mean that you’ll never look at a folded piece of paper the same way again!
Marco Fida

The Event Talks

A rollercoaster event featuring some of mentalism’s most exciting thinkers sharing tricks, techniques and information in short talks! This year will feature talks from Anthony Owen, Chris Rawlins, Paul Vigil, Quentin Reynolds and Steven Palmer. From Quentin’s devilishly clever handling of ‘Confabulation’, Paul Vigils high-impact artful performance pieces, Chris Rawlins’ contemporary and commercial material to underground mentalism with cards from Steven Palmer, the flash talks feature something for everyone.
Steven Palmer
Quentin Reynolds
Paul Vigil
Anthony Owen

Jermay’s G.P.P Lecture

Event co-producer and host Luke Jermay will present a special never before seen exclusive lecture at the Event 2018. This lecture will focus on never before shared information and handling of one of his most revered creations; Touching On Hoy. Jermay will share three professional performance routines that use nothing more than your mind and body to create remarkable demonstrations of telepathy, fortune telling, thought projection and more.
Luke Jermay

Max Maven Lecture

Max Maven lives up to his name. He truly is a Maven. He knows things. All sorts of things. He knows more than anyone else about the history of mentalism. In this exclusive lecture, Max will share some surprising research and information about the origins of one of mentalism’s most cherished techniques, as well as share some of his own personal insight into the performance and handling of it. Max is a living legend and we are thrilled to have him present at The Event 2018.
Max Maven

Michael Weber On Bob Cassidy Lecture

Michael Weber will present what promises to be a highlight in his exclusive lecture at The Event 2018: ‘Weber On Cassidy’ a celebration of one of mentalism’s greatest creators and innovators. Weber enjoyed a friendship and collaboration with Cassidy that spanned many years. In this lecture, Michael will share his personal renditions of some of Cassidy’s most loved material all with the trademark Weber treatment, all woven together with personal recollections of their friendship and creative collaborations. This really is something not to be missed and a fitting tribute to Bob Cassidy.
Michael Weber

The Evasons Live

During the early 19th century, a small number of married couples gained significant notoriety with performances called Second Sight. The Evasons are one of very few couples in history who have mastered this unusual talent. They have been performing together for over 35 years and they use no secret electronic communication devices. Derren Brown said: “These two are living legends in mentalism. The best mind-reading double act in the whole world.”
The Evasons

Mentalists at the Card Table

In addition to the formally scheduled exclusive lectures, keynote speeches and presentations there will be a fun informal ‘session’ featuring the speakers from the day and some special surprise guests hosted by Jermay. We can not tell you too much about what we have planned; after all, these are meant to be a surprise! This is a chance to experience performances from the industries best up close and personal. You will not just see tricks performed but also be able to engage in open questions and answers sessions and even brainstorm with some of the best in the industry. These sessions offer a rare chance to get up close and personal with some of the most significant creators and innovators in mentalism and experience in a setting that you can not find anywhere else in the world.
The Session Day 1
13 Jan 2018

Saturday Session

We kick things off with short presentations by four dynamic performers, who will each speak on a different topic: Roberto Giobbi will take part in the wildly popular interview format he debuted last year, where attendees can ask him anything. Ponta the Smith will show why he is one of the most celebrated coin magicians in the world, Pierric will speak on the original magic that helped him win FISM, and Adam Rubin will share some of the creative magic that fills his act and repertoire.
Ponta The Smith
The Rubin

The Other Brothers Lecture

The Other Brothers will deliver a brand new lecture, highlighting the parlour and close-up magic that helped catapult them into the spotlight. You’ll learn magic with cards, paper, coffee, pens, and more. They will also debut their book test, which looks and works differently than any book test before.
Other Brothers

Michael Close Lecture

Michael Close is one of our very favourite performers. In the 90s he pioneered the “Workers” series and format of magic effects, which are effects that are completely worked through in presentation, effect, and method. He has been away from the magic community for a decade, and now he reemerges, to share new and unpublished material for the first time.
Michael Close

Paul Vigil Show & Coin Clinic

We’ll divide attendees into two groups so they can alternately enjoy a Paul Vigil performance, followed by a coin clinic with three performers speaking, performing, or teaching on coin magic (Jonio, Ponta the Smith, and Pierric). Event start times are 5pm, 6.15pm and 7.30pm (you’ll be given a time for each on your badge) and each event is 45 minutes. The coin clinic will be held in the main room and the Paul Vigil show will be in our Close-Up Theatre.
Ponta The Smith
Paul Vigil

The Session Live with Danny Buckler

Last year a guest turned his mouth into a faucet and a major magician had therapy onstage. What will happen this year? You’ll have to come to find out.
Danny Buckler

Adam Rubin Show

See Adam Rubin’s hilarious underground basement show, straight from New York to our stage.
The Rubin
The Session Day 2
14 Jan 2018

Paul Vigil Lecture

Paul is one of the most celebrated, “it” names in magic at the moment, and this is your chance to see his acclaimed lecture, full of practical parlour magic and mentalism.
Paul Vigil

Ondrej Psenicka Lecture

Creator of the Butterfly Deck, Czech Republic’s Ondrej is a new creative force in magic, and he’ll share the real secret of the butterflies. Fun fact: Ondrej dances in the music video for Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy.”
Ondřej Pšenička

Morgan & West Live

See two time travellers from the Victorian Era perform their full show, and then in a brief talk, dissect their unique two-person approach to magic.
Morgan & West

Johnny Thompson Event

This is your chance to spend time with our guest of honor and living legend, Johnny Thompson.
Johnny Thompson

Gala Show

We end The Session with a bang. Who’s performing? Well, that’s a surprise! Don’t forget to hang around afterwards though — that’s when The Session really begins, at the bar!