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Five Minutes with…Paul Vigil

Paul Vigil will make his debut at The Session in London this January. We caught up with Paul to get his thoughts on his favorite performers, his new book, and what he will perform at The Session.

VI: This is your first appearance at The Session. What can registrants look forward to in your lecture?
PV: A mixture of magic and mentalism. Stuff for close-up, parlour and stage. I promise there’ll be something for everyone and effects anyone can (and will) use!

VI: You published a fantastic new book this year. Tell us about that experience.
PV: It takes much longer than you originally think to finish something like this (at least with my limited track record). I find it fun as well as challenging. Getting just the right words to convey your intention isn’t easy.

VI: You’re doing a show as well as a lecture at The Session. Tell us about your goals when you perform a show for an audience.
PV: I’m hoping people are having fun, and, most importantly, seeing things they’ve never believed.

VI: Who has impressed you, lately, in the magic world?
PV: There’s been a bunch of people I’ve met recently whom I’ve really enjoyed magic from; to name a few: Alex Boyce, Will Fern, J.B. Dumas, Tyler Wilson, and Ryan Plunkett.

VI: What will you have for sale after your lecture?
PV: I’m really hoping I’ll have some books for sale, although it may be sold out by then! I do have some ebooks that are always available. If I finish my MacDonald’s Aces write-up you’ll all be the first to get it!

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